The education level and expertise required in this field quiet high. The four to six year degree course of MBBS (Bachelors of medicine and Bachelors of surgery) open gates to become a doctor. But further specializations are available in varied fields like General Medicine, General Surgery, Pediatrics obstetrics and Gynecology, Orthopedics ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat), Psychiatry, Anesthesiology etc. for which a person has to do MS and/or follow it with an MD degree. Also by further studying for 3-5 years, super specialization can be done in areas like Plastic Surgery, Gastro enter logy, Endocrinology and clinical Hematology , Etc.

Benefits of our Services for Medical. What kind of Services? Our most important services are:
  • We take care of the application process for you and ensure that your application is *correctly* processed.
  • We provide critical information about the study environment, completing your registration when you arrive and preparing for the move.
  • We assist with logistics prior to departure and on arrival, visa, travel and accommodation.( Study in Abroad)
  • We council you and help you make a decision that is best for you, by providing information about the options available.

Our service is not cryptic! We do not pull strings to get you accepted, OK? However our 13 years of experience and 98% success rate make us well worth investing in. Please do read about our service value to see why you can really benefit from making use of our organization.


Problem – Shortage of medical seats and quality medical education Around the world there is a large number of individuals who strongly desire to become Health professional like doctor and dentists. Unfortunately due to aggressive competition, shortage of seats and high entrance requirements many go without having this desire realized.

Sound – Study Abroad Often these individuals look at international medical schools as an alternative way to qualify as health professionals and find opportunities in the Caribbean, UK, IRELAND, AUSRALIA, EUROPE AND ASIA. Unfortunately these alternatives usually bring their own challenges.

More challenges – Cost, competition, credibility/recognition, language barriers, strong entrance requirements and challenging environment or location of the university. Many of these alternatives have entrance exams requiring the candidate to travel to the place of study to write an entrance exam before getting accepted. Often these schools have much higher tuition fees for foreign students than local students, which when added to the cost of living makes the total cost of study far beyond the reach of most international students.Medical Caribbean, UK, Australian and many European universities fall into this category.

Newly established private universities have credibility and recognition of the qualification issues. They also have high tuition fees. Many European universities also have high tuition fees for foreign students, language issues where the program requires the candidate to learn a new language or the university is located in an environment that international students find unpleasant.

An opportunity to overcome these challenges. Study in Medicine Abroad!

Medical Student Advisors creates and promotes opportunities for international students to study in medical universities which are recognized, affordable and which offer a very high standard of education. All the universities we work with……

  • Offer their programs in English
  • Are accredited with the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health in their country
  • Allow applicants to enter residency in the US, UK, Canada and in most other countries.
  • Are listed with FAIMER, ECFMG, MCI and the WHO
  • Have established communities of international students and are located in pleasant, safe student friendly environment
  • Have achievable entrance requirements

We provide services for international and national students who are looking for opportunities to study medicine at affordable and accredited medical schools.